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How Your Plumbing Can Save You Money This Summer

How Your Plumbing Can Save You Money This Summer

If you’re like us, you want to save your extra money for a summer vacation or a nice meal, which means working around your home and checking vulnerable points in your plumbing system. Not only can you avoid emergency system failures, but you may be able to save some money this summer by following our checklist of pro tips. A little bit of sweat equity could mean your plumbing system runs smoothly and efficiently all summer long.

5 Pro Tips for Summer Plumbing Savings

You can help keep the summer fun going by following this simple checklist of money-saving plumbing hacks. Too often, summer is filled with sewage backups and clogged drains, so start this summer off right with just a few changes to your routine or additional cleanings.

  • Turning Off Your Tap: Sometimes, you’re in a hurry, and you quickly turn off the tap after washing your hands, and it’s not fully engaged in the off position. This may seem minor, but a dripping faucet can add up to 15 gallons of water per day. You can save money and reduce water waste by ensuring all the faucets in your home are fully turned off. If they continue to drip after being completely turned to the off position, then you’ve found an easily solvable problem – and cost savings.
  • Avoid Drain Buildup: You can clean your drains a little each month to prevent the type of long-term build-up that requires professional intervention. You can keep your drains in good condition by pouring a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down them. This is a great holistic alternative to caustic chemical drain cleaners. You can also add strainers or drain nets to your tubs and showers. The last source of drain buildup is the biggest offender – your kitchen sink. You can save your drains by never pouring meat fats, oils, and grease down them.
  • Inspect Your Toilet: A typical home has at least two toilets, and each one uses a tremendous amount of water. So, when a fixture uses as much water as your toilet, it’s imperative to make certain they are in good condition if you hope to see savings on your plumbing and water costs. Be on the lookout for certain sounds and sights. Gurgling sounds could mean a drain problem, like root intrusion. Call your plumber if you suspect a drain blockage. While inspecting your toilet, you can add food coloring to your tank and wait to see if the water changes colors. Give it about 15 minutes. If your water is colored when you check, you have a leak, and you can call your plumber to further diagnose the problem.
  • Gutter Check: Just like checking your faucets, checking your gutters is super easy and will reap tremendous benefits. Your gutters should be examined for debris because, if left untreated, they can unintentionally route rainwater towards your foundation, basement, or into your attic.

Calling in the Plumbing Professionals

Summer can be a time of heightened wear and tear on your plumbing fixtures. It’s also common to use more water during the summer months. There is no reason to waste water and incur additional utility spending when by reviewing the items on our short checklist, you could avoid it! While you’re reviewing the checklist, should you encounter any issues, reach out to the plumbing professionals a Lange Plumbing and Fire Protection for assistance. Call us today at (702) 500-0936 for more information about our services.