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    • Are "Hands-Free" Plumbing Fixtures Worth It?

      One of the most recent trends in plumbing is “hands-free” or “no-touch” fixtures. You may already have encountered no-touch sinks, and hand dryers that are used commercially, such as in public restrooms. These fixtures are now becoming a viable option to install in the home as well, primarily for ease and convenience, but also to help cut down on the transfer of germs. Automatic plumbing ...
    • Should You DIY Your Plumbing Project?

      When it comes to issues in and around the home, we often assess the situation and decide whether or not we can tackle it on our own. Indeed, some plumbing problems can be simple fixes. Understandably, also, that some people may be hesitant to contact a plumber because they are looking to save a few extra dollars. There might be those who would prefer to fix the issue themselves because they think ...

    Toilet Repairs

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    • Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

      If your toilet does not stop running after flushing, there are a number of potential causes. It is important to find the root of the issue and make necessary repairs as soon as possible, as you are likely losing hundreds of gallons of water every day. To figure out what might be going wrong, take a look inside of the tank at the various parts. Flush Valve Does the toilet stop running after you ...

    Water Heater

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    • New EPA Water Heater Regulations

      If have considered replacing your water heater this year, you may want to understand the new federal regulations for water heaters. As of April of 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has passed new energy efficiency mandates that require higher energy efficiency for residential water heaters that use gas-fire, oil-fire, electric, instantaneous gas-fired and other instantaneous electric ...
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